Services - Terra Avila homes for sale and vacation in aruba


We develop real estate projects, from the first architectonic and engineering design, to the construction and sale of the property. Our company is committed to constructive quality that guarantee the safety and excellence of the enterprise.


Architecture is an important part of our work. To provide a better customer experience, Terra Ávila’s team always strives to combine functional solutions, modern design and sustainability in our projects.

Building renovation

Our company also works in the renovation and reconstruction of spaces and real estate projects. We perform a personalized work with attention to detail and focus on commitment to the client. We renovate internal and external environment of properties, with quality services.

Interior design

Our interior design service provides our clients with a range of space styles opportunities. From corporate concepts to offices of Senior Executives, Hall of entrances, meeting room, main rooms among others. Terra Avila offer different finish presentation styles as well as quality in material support so as to provide for lasting end usage value.

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